Welcome New Parents to Aleva Naturals®

A newborn baby brings great joy and excitement as parents look forward to those precious milestones; from smiles to steps and everything in between. But with this excitement comes the great responsibility of caring for a newborn through these special moments. Questions and concerns often arise when making decisions for the products we use with our babies and we, at Aleva Naturals, set out to give parents peace of mind.

Did you know skin is the largest organ making up the human body? Skin is crucial organ as it has direct contact with the blood stream. Our products are free from harsh chemicals that may trigger skin irritation, dryness, and pose long-term health risks to your baby’s tender skin. Developed by a pharmacist, herbalist and naturopath, the Aleva Naturals range of maternity and baby products are made with pure & plant-based natural ingredients that deliver therapeutic results. We provide a comprehensive range of baby care essentials from skincare, nappies, wipes, and more. When you use Aleva Naturals, you are making a commitment to a greener world and providing the very best for your baby.

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